Friday, March 31, 2006

About Elisabeth

So, since her return to the living, many people have asked me what I thought and felt. I couldn't care less about her being back. That's how I feel.

Yes. It was sad she died. But now that she's back, people are expecting me to leave Paige behind and shack up with her again. It doesn't work like that people. We broke up for a reason. She's a trecherous, lying whore. End of story.

I know Jean, no matter how crazy-evil she is, will agree with me on this, as Betsy first tried seducing Scott, yet no one gave her mess about it. Then, after I saved her life, she openly flirted with that Neal guy, who quickly hooked up after her death. Now I hear she's spending alot of time with Rachel.

Anyhow. Her actions have led me to believe she is not worth my time. Or life, but I'll leave that judgement up to Miss Grey-Summers.

Anyhow. I set off on a new adventure today. I called up Jean and we met up. She was more tame, but still flared up everynow and then. Frying our waiter at the cafe. The poor boy never saw it coming. We set out to right wrongs and fight evil again. Just like old times. We plan on calling up Scott, Hank and Bobby. Hopefully they're not too busy nowadays.

Monday, March 27, 2006

First Sighting

Well. I cannot believe you people talked me into doing this. Like anyone wants to read about my boring life. Anyhow, I am here. I will try to keep it interesting. Maybe I'll post my run ins with bad guys or something. Or my escapades into town. But until then, you are stuck with this skimpy introduction. Maybe more. Later though. I have a business meeting now.